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Business Introduction


Trade Business

Import/ Export

Based on our foundational principle "~ For everybody ’s happy life from Japan! ~"
Mainly with Asian countries, we are continuously providing "Made in Japan" products, which are high-quality and affordable to people all over the world.
We also acquired good reputations among customers all over the world by selling products such as baby diapers, milk powder and food products.
We also import and sell a lot of products including computer-related products, parts, and food in Japan and overseas.

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Domestic Wholesale Business

We also sell diapers, foods and others to domestic customers who are building online shopping, secondary wholesales and overseas sales.
We are able to deal with various types of orders and products.


Export Agency

We are acting as an export agency to support domestic customers who want to expand their overseas sales channels but do not have export know-how or worry about language barriers.
We can meet customers'need from shipment to the cultivation of new customers.


Online Shopping

We are currently in the process of launching domestic online shopping for daily necessities and food products that are mainly exported.
In addition, similar to export agency, we also provide consultation and represent domestic companies that want to set up an international online shopping.

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